Book Banning on the Agenda

Once again, a Sumner County School Board meeting will involve a review of a library book – and the possible removal of that book. The district has been down this road before:

Here’s more from NewsBreak on the current controversy:

The Sumner County School Board will meet in a study session on Tuesday, January 10th at 6PM. The meeting will include a discussion of whether or not the book “Ways to Make Sunshine” should be removed from the school system’s libraries.

The review process comes as a result of a challenge to the book subject to Tennessee’s new law allowing members of the community to suggest to the School Board that a book currently circulating in the school system’s libraries violates “community standards.”

After receiving a challenge to the book “Ways to Make Sunshine,” the board referred the book to a review committee.

That committee has recommended keeping the book in the system’s school libraries.

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