Parish Picks Up Endorsement in Williamson County School Board Race

Veteran board member backs Parish for District 9 seat

A longtime Williamson County School Board member is backing a political newcomer in the race for the vacant District 9 school board seat.

Rick Wimberley is endorsing Shandus Parish for the job, praising Parish’s commitment to open communication and willingness to work with all parties to advance excellence.

“Shandus has a good grasp of the challenges of school board work and an understanding of what the real role is and what it’s not,” Wimberly said. “She’s prepared. She’ll be open to input from the public, her colleagues, and WCS staff, and will put aside politics and partisanship when making tough decisions. I think Shandus will make an excellent Williamson County School Board member.”

The election is August 1st.


Sumner school board member backs results-oriented candidates

A Republican member of the Sumner County School Board is backing a Republican and a Democrat in the August 1st election for new board members.

Outgoing District 4 board member Sarah Andrews announced via her Facebook page that she’s supporting Republican Meghan Breinig in District 8 and Democrat Holly Cruz in District 9.

Andrews notes in her post that fellow Republican Breinig is “attentive to the issues” and someone who is willing to “do research” on issues that come before the Sumner County Board of Education.

Andrews is also backing Democrat Holly Cruz in the District 9 race, citing Cruz’s “passion for high quality, excellent public schools.” She says that Cruz is a consensus-builder.

Tonight in Williamson County

Is something strange happening in the District 3 School Board race?

Statements from education advocacy group Williamson Strong and the Williamson County Democratic Party suggest something may be amiss at tonight’s Williamson County Commission meeting.

In a social media post, local education advocacy group Williamson Strong raised concerns that the County Commission may be attempting to influence the outcome of the upcoming election and implored the Commission to not appoint anyone currently running for the vacant seat.

Local Democrats echoed that sentiment.

The agenda does not list any current nominees for the position.

In any case, the person selected to fill the vacancy will only hold it until September. That’s when the candidate who wins the August election for the seat will take over.

Is something strange happening? Or is the County Commission just fulfilling its required duty?

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Freedom from Vouchers

Bill Lee wants to expand school vouchers, but rural Republicans are standing up for public schools

If Republicans like Rep. Todd Warner have their way, Tennessee’s failing school voucher scheme will not be expanding anytime soon.

Warner is among a group of Republicans representing largely rural districts who oppose expanding vouchers – both because public schools are the cornerstone’s of their communities and because they see school vouchers as a transfer of money from rural taxpayers to suburban and urban private schools.

When it comes to vouchers, Warner told ProPublica:

“I’m for less government, but it’s government’s role to provide a good public education,” he said. “If you want to send your kid to private school, then you should pay for it.”

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