One Step Further

On the heels of the announcement from the Tennessee Department of Education that TNReady testing was being suspended for grades 3-8, Williamson County Director of Schools Mike Looney went one step further and suspended end of course testing for high school students in his district.

Here’s the email he sent yesterday:

You are an incredible group of professionals and I am exceedingly proud of your work. This year has been full of surprises and uncertainty as it relates to state assessment and yet you still have prepared students for success. Your work is important and matters. I am proud of you.

Unfortunately, sometimes events happen outside of our direct control. Today the Commissioner of Education announced the suspension of Part II of the TnReady/TCAP Assessment in grades 3-8.

In addition, because of my continued concerns, I am suspending End of Course tests at the high school level.

I truly believe in the importance of measuring student progress. It is, from my perspective, a critical piece of our work. And I look forward to us being able to appropriately assess students as soon as possible.

Mike Looney


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3 thoughts on “One Step Further

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  2. I wish we had done that in Metro. It was news to my high school students that 3-8 TnReady testing was cancelled. They felt like they got a bad deal and that it should have been cancelled for them too. The data resulting from this test is going to be worthless based upon what I’m hearing from students. Many have said, “I didn’t even try.” Mike Looney did the right thing. That’s why WCS wanted to keep him!

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