Down Down Down

Another day of TNReady testing, another set of issues.

Reports are coming in from systems across the state that students are having login and submission problems.

Reports are in from Hardin, Chester, Knox, Shelby, Sumner, Wilson, Washington, Montgomery, Roane, Rutherford so far.

Some reports suggest that a cut fiber line between Georgia and Tennessee is to blame.

Stay tuned …


The Tennessee Department of Education is blaming a dump truck for cutting a fiber optic line that provided internet connectivity.

Here’s what Joey Hassell, Director of Schools in Haywood County had to say about that on Twitter:

I don’t understand. NEVER lost internet connectivity. Our schools could access the internet & phone service w/ worked fine. It was business as usual except for in our schools! So…the dump truck just messed up testing?!?



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7 thoughts on “Down Down Down

  1. The issue of the scoring of the graphing portions of the 8th grade math test are not being addressed. I found the mistake on ALL of the teacher created CAB tests in Nextera AND on ALL of the Tennessee Practice tests that were assigned to all students. I took screen shots my findings and called Nextera twice and left messages. I filled out the online form for concerns twice. My Central Office received an email from Nextera saying that it was fixed. I have gone back in to CAB and no, it has not been fixed.
    The issue is that the student graphs points and what the scorer sees is that the x-coordinate is moved 1/2 unit to to the left on all graphs. These will all be counted wrong so I do not see how we can get valid test results.

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