Pre-K for All

Behn, Oliver push expansion of state’s Pre-K program

Tennessee’s voluntary Pre-K program is great, but what if it were available to every family who wanted to participate?

The dream of providing high-quality early education for Tennessee families began with Gov. Phil Bredesen in 2007. The state provided money allowing every school district to offer at least one 20-seat Pre-K classroom for families meeting income eligibility criteria.

The program is voluntary.

Now, Rep. Aftyn Behn and Sen. Charlane Oliver are dreaming bigger – a Pre-K program for ALL.

Rep. Aftyn Behn and Sen. Charlane Oliver, both of Nashville, propose a significant expansion of the state’s voluntary Pre-K program for four-year-olds. The plan requires every school district in the state to establish a Pre-K program for all four-year-olds whose families wish to participate.

All districts in the state currently offer some Pre-K, but this bill would make the program universally available. Funding for the program would come from the state.


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