Pre-K for All

Behn, Oliver push expansion of state’s Pre-K program

Tennessee’s voluntary Pre-K program is great, but what if it were available to every family who wanted to participate?

The dream of providing high-quality early education for Tennessee families began with Gov. Phil Bredesen in 2007. The state provided money allowing every school district to offer at least one 20-seat Pre-K classroom for families meeting income eligibility criteria.

The program is voluntary.

Now, Rep. Aftyn Behn and Sen. Charlane Oliver are dreaming bigger – a Pre-K program for ALL.

Rep. Aftyn Behn and Sen. Charlane Oliver, both of Nashville, propose a significant expansion of the state’s voluntary Pre-K program for four-year-olds. The plan requires every school district in the state to establish a Pre-K program for all four-year-olds whose families wish to participate.

All districts in the state currently offer some Pre-K, but this bill would make the program universally available. Funding for the program would come from the state.


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Pro-Schools Progressive Announces Re-election Bid for House Seat

Aftyn Behn to seek full term in legislature in 2024 elections

A state representative who last year won a special election to fill a Nashville House seat has announced she plans to seek re-election this year.

Rep. Aftyn Behn of the 51st District representing a portion of Nashville will be on the ballot again in the 2024 cycle.

Since her election last year, Behn has proposed repealing the state’s grocery tax.

As an organizer on state policy issues, she has long been an advocate for public schools and has opposed using public money to fund private schools.

As Gov. Bill Lee has promised to move forward with a universal school voucher scheme, Behn will likely have an opportunity to vote to defend public schools in her first session as a lawmaker.

State Rep. Aftyn Behn

Behn on Schools

State House candidate has a record of standing for public education

Progressive activist Aftyn Behn recently announced her candidacy for the Tennessee House of Representatives in Nashville’s District 51. Behn is running in a special election to replace former Rep. Bill Beck.

As an organizer for Indivisible, Behn was active in efforts to protect public education, including organizing resistance to Gov. Lee’s plans to privatize by way of school vouchers.

Here’s more from Behn’s website on her position on education:

Behn’s statement on public education from her campaign website

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