Twice Denied

Hillsdale loses appeals in Madison, Maury counties

The Hillsdale charter network lost twice this week, with appeals to open their American Classical Academies in Madison and Maury counties denied on Tuesday and Thursday respectively.

News on Madison from Nashville’s NewsChannel5:

It wasn’t just one, but 73 reasons the Jackson-Madison County School Board denied a charter school application connected to Michigan’s Hillsdale College.

The Jackson Sun newspaper reported those reasons included negative financial impact, no safety plans, lack of rigor and an unrealistic budget.

Here’s the story from Maury County in votes that happened earlier tonight:

The Hillsdale charters now have the option of appealing to Gov. Lee’s handpicked State Charter Commission.

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One thought on “Twice Denied

  1. The people have spoken via their elected representatives! I hope Hillsdale and the gov. don’t continue to shove this charter down our throats. They are free to open up a private school if individual families want to pay for it. I personally do not want to pay for any school that has a religious base. It does not matter what the religion is or whether it is my own. Separation of church and state needs to prevail.

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