Williamson Parents Speak Out Against Charter School

Founders Classical Academy is a charter school that has applied to operate in Williamson County. That application was rejected – not once, but twice by the Williamson County School Board.

Now, Founders is appealing to the Tennessee Charter School Commission. If the Commission grants the appeal, Founders will open in Williamson County despite the objection of the elected school board.

Parents in Williamson County don’t seem happy about this possibility.

Here’s more from NewsBreak:

Jeni Davis, lifelong Tennessean, and parent of a Williamson County Schools student and a public school advocate, shared why she wants the State Charter School Commission to vote against Founders Classical Academy forcing themselves into the Williamson County Schools. “First of all, we believe that children across the state – all Tennessee children – deserve access to a high quality education with high quality curriculum that meets state standards and prepares all students to become successful and productive adult members of our community. And these classical charter schools, including Founders Classical Academy, do not meet these standards and putting them into our communities would be a great disservice to our students. This is why the school board has already voted against the school twice.”

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2 thoughts on “Williamson Parents Speak Out Against Charter School

  1. Isn’t that interesting? The room was full of parents in support of Founders Classical Academy the day of the hearing. Factually informed parents are learning that a classical education not only beats, but exceeds state standards. For example, Founders Classical Academy tests at 92% grade level in comparable demographics versus 67% for Williamson County. And Williamson County is the best school district in Tennessee? That’s a D! Let’s bring school choice for families that want a better education for their children. Approve Founders Classical Academy!

    • Thanks, Dee – tell me where Founders currently operates in TN so we can compare their scores on TN tests – and then, tell me how we can know a school that hasn’t operated in WillCo will “beat” WillCo on academic scores? I keep hearing about these “factually informed” parents and yet they seem to be short on data/evidence for their “factual” claims.

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