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  1. Well it is not hard to get better results when you control the data that comes out of the school. You can make data say and be whatever you want it to be and say. I wouldn’t trust one bit of data that comes out on the ASD. Chris Barbic is a change agent sent here from the Broad Superintendent Academy to privatize our public schools. That is the goal so it make sense the data would be glowing. Talk to the people in New Orleans. Parents there are not happy at all with the RSD but feel they have no choice. Gee funny how CHOICE ends up giving parents no choice and no voice because they don’t have elected school boards so if parents don’t like what is going on they have no one to complain to. The ASD is modeled after the RSD in New Orleans. And New Orleans was blackmailed by the federal government. In order to get money to rebuild after Katrina they had to agree to Charter schools. Funny how that happens. But I have talked to parents in LA and they are basically told if you don’t like what is happening in your child’s school take them out and put them in another school. And that is how it is handled. We are moving down a very dangerous road and one day the people of TN will be very very sorry they ever allowed Charters into our state. KY seems to be have much more on the ball than TN. But I am sure eventually someone will figure out a way to get Charters in KY too. Choice is not the answer. The answer is to shut down the US Dept. of Education and then reduce the authority of the state Department of Education.

  2. I’m sure that test scores will rise if that is a school’s main priority. How many hours of instruction are spent in the relentless pursuit of higher scores on standardized tests? I am not making any accusations, but wondering if these schools are test-prep factories. If they are, that is a joyless educational experience. There is so much more to education than learning how to be a good test-taker.

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