Tipton County vs. Common Core

The Tipton County Board of Education passed a resolution last week calling on the Tennessee General Assembly to repeal the Common Core State Standards and replace them with Tennessee Standards that ensure students are prepared for college, career, and/or the military.

The resolution notes that the Common Core Standards, currently guiding Tennessee schools, were developed without input from Tennessee educators.

The Board is asking the state to develop its own standards and include Tennessee educators in the process. Governor Haslam has essentially promised the same thing, calling for a review of the Common Core and the development and implementation of Tennessee standards developed with input from a group of Tennessee educators.

Here’s the resolution:

Tipton Resolution




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6 thoughts on “Tipton County vs. Common Core

  1. The problem with Haslam’s review team is the team is primarily made up of Common Core supporters. SREB (Southeast Regional Education Bureau) the group organizing the project is funded by Bill Gates to the tune of $12 million to support Common Core. So what kind of standards do you really think will come out of this FAKE review team. They will be Common Core with a new name. We will have spent a lot of money for a false committee, spitting out common core standards. it is all smoke and mirrors to make the public think they had input (when they do not) new standards created by Tennesseans (which they are not) It is called the Delphi Technique. We are once again being deceived.

    • Has any one got on the State website and made comments about what standards are objectionable and/or what standards should be included? If not, why? If so, was the venue an acceptable method of voicing your concerns?

        • Sorry for such a delayed response. But when you make comments on articles the only time a person knows is if you go back in and look. I was looking for something else and found this old article with my comments and comments asking if anyone had gone in and used the feedback system. And Sir, YES I did. I spent agonizing HOURS using this system. OVer 2000 standards that require you to do it all in one sitting and you have to bring up each of the over 2000 standards one at a time and go through a process in order to provide feedback, Now I ask you. What qualifications do I or about 99% of those that provided feedback have when it comes to evaluating education standards? I can tell you ZERO. So how valuable is this exercise in the final analysis. I can again tell you NONE. This is a feel good exercise that wasted a lot of tax payer dollars and exposing our kids to Common Core for 2 more yeas. Finding the truth about who created Common Core is easy to find if truly interested and it fan be PROVEN that no one in TN had ANYTHING to do with writing Common Core standards. There are so many lies being fed to the people by legislators, state board of education and state Dept. of Education that it baffles the mind. Want the truth. Do your research outside the state website. Speak to the experts. People that WERE involved in the Common Core process and you will see that we got screwed for $500 million. TN agreed to CC standards in 2009 before they were even written. I say 2009 because it was when we took money under the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund that we agreed to common standards. The RTTT was formalizing our promise made under SFSF. As a matter of fact it you READ the RTTT application you will see in the beginning in order to apply for RTTT the state had to have applied for SFSF. Hmmmmm. I could go on for hours but I won’t.

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