From 4 to 2 to 0

In what was ultimately a failed effort to preserve his planned school voucher scheme, Gov. Bill Lee cut a planned teacher pay increase from 4% to 2% in his emergency COVID-19 budget. Now, as the General Assembly considers the economic fallout from the pandemic, it appears the teacher salary boost will move to zero. This while key state officials are slated to receive raises. More from Fox 17 in Nashville:

Legislative staff which has analyzed Tennessee Governor Bill Lee’s budget recommendations is calling out the state’s revised budget for keeping the salary increases of some officials while cutting teacher increases.

According to Governor Bill Lee’s new budget overview, the revised budget gives the governor a $4,600 raise which reflects a 2% increase. Others, such as the Attorney General, judges, district attorneys, and more will also receive raises which are mandated by statute.

However, the legislative staff notes the 2% salary increase for K-12 teachers, higher education employees, and state workers is eliminated in the new budget.

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6 thoughts on “From 4 to 2 to 0

  1. As a teacher, this is disgusting. After all we’ve been thru to educate the kids through this ordeal. Thanks Governor.

  2. If you don’t consider us important enough to get a raise while you yourself get one don’t be surprised when teachers don’t consider you important enough to be re-elected!

  3. This is not right!!!
    Governor Lee You are a disappointment to the State of Tennessee. I would be ashamed!!

  4. In Nashville (where the BEP formula says we ought to have been able to fund education ourselves at a higher rate with less state money for these last many years), I reckon this amounts to about another $10M hole. MNPS has several holes this size at this point. By the end of the month, that will play out as layoffs. It’s despicable how many times the city has said just wait, just wait, we’ll make it right one of these days. The city and the state never do. There’s truly no way we can recruit and retain people into the teaching profession at this rate.

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