The Ever-Changing Survey

After the Tennessee Department of Education received tons of pushback from parents and teachers over a controversial survey suggesting adding summer school and/or extended school days to make up for days missed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the DOE just … changed the survey so the questions generating controversy weren’t there.

Yep. They just … changed it.

Here are some tweets explaining the changes from former TN DOE spokesperson Jennifer Johnson and some other individuals who noticed the differences:

It seems no one at the Tennessee Department of Education thought anyone would notice these … pretty big changes.

The arrogance is stunning.

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4 thoughts on “The Ever-Changing Survey

  1. I truly hope that the State of Tennessee makes the right choices for these kids! Their worlds have been turned upside down, and yet, they still have normalcy with their teachers and school work, and are working! These teachers are working hard to provide meaningful content for their students, and I for one, am seeing success for my Freshman daughter, who normally doesn’t work as hard at school. She is feeling an increase in confidence and joy at succeeding, and would be devastated if her hard work was for nothing. My two elementary daughters are also continuing to work on their schoolwork and feel success. Their teachers (regular, special ed and speech) have all reached out to help and provide meaningful content during this time. These teachers deserve a medal, not forced extra time to teach content they have already taught. When this is all said and done, I hope that Tennessee does what is right for the students and teachers.

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  3. Absolutely NOT ! Summer school is not a good idea these kids need a break and Penny needs a hobby !! We ain’t doing it !

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