Loser Teachers

Tennessee Teachers:

Just wanted to be sure you knew that Team Trump thinks you are all losers and socialists. Don’t take my word for it, listen to Donald Trump, Jr. explain:



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4 thoughts on “Loser Teachers

  1. Andy Spears, I typically enjoy reading your comments. You are usually unbiased and fact driven. However, on this you are mistaken. Listen to it again because nowhere did he say ALL teachers. I am a Navy Veteran and a teacher. I would have been upset with his comment but it doesn’t describe me. Don’t be one of those reporters that twists the facts to create dissension.
    Respectfully, KC

  2. It certainly is not okay to call any teachers – or any group of people, for that matter – losers. I don’t think this is a biased report; it simply showed what Donald Trump, Jr, said of “these loser teachers”.

    I am a teacher and I take offense at being called a loser, whether or not I am what DTJ defines as a socialist. What exactly is he calling socialism, anyway? Public education is a form of socialism. So are social security and medicare. I’d like to know more of the specifics which helped him form his opinion.

    It’s hard for me to understand how any teacher would not have a problem with his statements. We have been demonized enough.

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