Pinkston on MNPS Teacher Firings

MNPS Board Member Will Pinkston had this to say about last night’s board action:

“I regret to report that, last night, the Nashville School Board moved to deprive four teachers of their careers and livelihoods without adequate process. Here are the facts: Director of Schools Jesse Register called for the teachers’ firings. Under state law, the school board had to vote on it to get the ball rolling. Dr. Register and his staff failed to provide the board with enough advance notice about these teachers and the details of their evaluations. Rather than deferring the process for two weeks in order to allow for additional fact-finding by the board, Dr. Register demanded that the process proceed immediately even though board members were given only two business days to review details of the teachers’ evaluations. Unfortunately, a slim five-member majority of the board agreed to go along with Dr. Register’s directive. You can watch the 45-minute conversation on the MNPS YouTube channel beginning at the 1h18m time mark. As someone who knows intimately the history and origin of Tennessee’s teacher evaluation system, I can assure educators: This kind of railroading approach to teacher dismissal is not what state policymakers and members of the Tennessee General Assembly intended to happen. Dr. Register and his staff are doing a disservice to the teaching profession. Teachers across Nashville should speak up and demand change.”


2 thoughts on “Pinkston on MNPS Teacher Firings

  1. This is working exactly how it was
    Designed to work. Fire our teachers so they can hire TFA drones to replace them. The same for Charter schools. Shut down our school and replace them with Charters. Eventually they will do away with local school boards and local/parental control. That is the plan. Wake up.

  2. It is amazing to me to see this happening in a school board meeting. All of those who are bringing this terrible process down on the heads of teachers should be fired or, at the least, ignored!! It is like living in the “twilight zone” to think that teachers are being fired based on the academic progress, or lack of it, of students they have never taught!

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