That Hurt(s)

On Monday, I noted that shadowy “non-profit issue advocacy group” Tennesseans for Student Success was on the attack, placing online ads against Republicans who opposed Governor Bill Lee’s destructive state charter authorizer legislation in the House Education Committee.

Today, it appears the attacks worked, at least in the case of Rep. Chris Hurt. The House Education Committee heard and ultimately approved Governor Lee’s school voucher plan. While one victim of the TSS attacks, Mark Cochran, stood strong in defense of public schools, Hurt caved to the pressure of being labeled a defender of “Hillary Clinton’s NEA.”

On the other hand, despite speculation that he might now support vouchers in exchange for cover from Bill Lee, embattled Rep. David Byrd (an admitted sex offender), also voted against school vouchers.

Still, the lesson for dark money groups like Tennesseans for Student Success is clear: Your attacks get the attention of key decision-makers. Forget facts, just bring up Hillary Clinton and socialism, and the weak among the legislative branch will do your bidding.

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2 thoughts on “That Hurt(s)

  1. You know I was born into a stromg Republican family, raised a Republician, voted that way most of m life UNTIL this past election, and seeing what an idiot was running I didn’t vote Republican. I threw my vote away…..seems the Republicians have lost it lately……as a retired teacher I can say this voucher thing is gonna kill education……a big reason education is in bad shape is the kids themselves, the parents and all this technology stuff the kids have today, not the good stuff!!!! Bill Lee taking us down a dark road…….

  2. Representative Byrd was one of the “no” votes and was subsequently removed from his leadership position.

    Being a possible sex offender didn’t get him removed, but voting in the best interests of his constituents, rather than with the dark money being poured into some of our “representative’s” campaigns was met with swift demotion. Governor Lee, Speaker Glen Casada , and their dark money bullies seem willing to do anything to ensure Tennessee students and taxpayers have their voices and their needs squashed.

    PLEASE Call your representatives and demand that they vote in the interests of students and public schools. If they fail to do so, please be sure to remember it when they are up for re-election next year.

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