Opposition to ESAs

JC Bowman of Professional Educators of Tennessee released the following statement today as Governor Lee’s voucher legislation received approval from the House Education Committee:

Professional Educators of Tennessee remain opposed to Education Savings Accounts (ESAs). We know litigation awaits on the constitutionality of the legislation, should it ultimately pass into law. However, it is an opportunity for us to reaffirm our commitment to public education. We believe that the historic accomplishments of public schools in Tennessee demonstrate the incredible job our educators are doing across the state. We acknowledge there are small pockets where success has not been as fully realized. That makes us even more determined to prove Tennessee public schools can meet any challenge and help prepare the necessary workforce to keep up with Tennessee’s growing economy. Professional Educators of Tennessee believes public education will continue to be the best choice for parents and students in our state.

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2 thoughts on “Opposition to ESAs

  1. Andy, I’d like to introduce you to the concept of consumer demand. Governor Lee was elected by your neighbors partly because of his publicly stated stance on school choice. Not one charter school would ever or will ever exist if not for consumer demand. I simply don’t understand how it is that you know what’s best for other parents kids? If you want to add a positive impact to education why don’t you turn your attention to the idiotic chaos at Metro Nashville Schools? Given your writing talents I feel you could add value in that regard. I worry about your inner disdain for non-public school kids.

    • I worry about you generally. Well, not too much. But, you seem to have an inordinate amount of time to spend worrying about someone who is reporting education news. As I’ve mentioned, TC Weber does a fine job of covering MNPS. Thanks for the suggestion, Doug.

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