Slush Fund

Governor Bill Lee’s charter school slush fund is in full force, with millions in grant dollars heading out the door to charter schools and millions more slated to be awarded by a competitive grant process. Chattanooga’s NewsChannel9 has the story:

Tennessee education officials are distributing almost $5.9 million in grants to aid 117 charter schools in the state.

The Department of Education announced Monday that the grants account for about half of the $12 million allocated to the department’s Charter Schools Facilities fund in Gov. Bill Lee’s budget.

The money can be spent on property purchases to relocate or establish schools; general improvements to facilities, purchasing or leasing underused or vacant property; or existing capital outlay projects.

Lee has committed himself to a school privatization agenda that includes a school voucher scheme, this slush fund, and a state commission designed to fast-track charter schools by usurping the authority of local school boards.

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