Rep. Pitts fires back at out of state speaker

Today, the California based Parent Revolution sent Ryan Donohue to Nashville, TN to speak in favor of a parent trigger bill. For an out of state interest, Mr. Donohue makes some broad statements about our public schools here in Tennessee. Please watch what Representative Joe Pitts had to say about that.



6 thoughts on “Rep. Pitts fires back at out of state speaker

  1. Thank you for your support Rep. Pitts. I work in Sequatchie County. My students, their parents, and my fellow co-workers have worked very hard to succeed no matter what the government has asked us to do. We were rated exemplary this past year for these efforts, and I am grateful that someone in Nashville is willing to back us up publicly as we face even MORE changes.

  2. Thank you Rep. Pitt. Public education in Tennessee does a wonderful job of educating our students. I’m glad we have some legislators who appreciate that.

  3. It is good to know that some people will stand for educators. Big money and corporations want the money that is in public education. That is all they are about and they will say anything to get there.

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