A Message for Joe Biden

From the Network for Public Education:

The promises made by the Biden campaign drew support from public education advocates across the nation. From those promises, we identified five K-12 priorities that must be kept at the forefront. Whomever the President-elect chooses to lead the Department of Education must be committed to those priorities as well.

Send your email to the Biden team and tell them pro-public education promises must be met.

Here are those five priorities:

Rebuild our nation’s public schools, which have been battered by the pandemic, two decades of failed federal policy, and years of financial neglect.

Reject efforts to privatize public schools, whether those efforts be via vouchers or charter schools.

End the era of high-stakes standardized testing–in both the immediate future and beyond.

Promote diversity, desegregation (both among and within schools), and commit to eliminating institutional racism in school policy and practices.

Promote educational practices that are child-centered, inquiry-based, intellectually challenging, culturally responsive, and respectful of all students’ innate capacities and potential to thrive.

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