Everything is Waived

Legislators today are advancing a bill that would grant the Commissioner of Education broad authority to waive various requirements related to public schools in light of the advancing Coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes waiving TNReady testing, the 180 day attendance requirement, and portfolio and value-added evaluation of teachers, among other items.

Here’s more on what’s included from Chalkbeat:

For the 2019-20 school year, other provisions of the proposal would:

Ensure that districts receive full state funding for the school year, even if students cannot be present;

Drop the requirement that high school students must pass a civics test to graduate;

Drop the requirement that 11th-graders take an exam to assess their readiness for college;

Require the state Board of Education to revise requirements so that no senior who is on track and eligible would be prevented from graduating on time because of school closings.

The move comes as districts across the state are announcing closures well into April. Currently, the latest announced closure is Hamilton County (April 13th).

As of this morning, the legislation was moved to the full House Education Committee.

Here’s a bill summary:

And here’s a response from Commissioner Schwinn:

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