Back to School During the War on Knowledge

What’s it like to be a Tennessee teacher during what can best be described as a “War on Knowledge” being waged by Gov. Bill Lee and the General Assembly?

Well, one teacher shares her story – with thanks to The Tennessee Holler for sharing it.

Policy decisions have practical consequences. Maybe Gov. Lee or House Education Committee Chair Mark White would like to go to TN classrooms and start cataloguing the books?

Or maybe they could just repeal ridiculous laws like this one?

Unfortunately, instead, they’ll just keep pushing relentlessly toward full-on privatization of our public schools.

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3 thoughts on “Back to School During the War on Knowledge

  1. And the teacher shortage will just keep growing. Some folks may think that private schools (Hillsdale?) are the answer. These kinds of schools that Lee and his ilk are pushing are second rate and nowhere near the quality of first tier private schools. The first tier schools have waiting lists. They require students to have good grades, test scores, teacher recommendations and to interview well. These second rate schools that Lee wants don’t require teachers to be certified. Eventually parents will shake their heads and wonder why their kids can’t think critically and lack basic skills. These parents will also wonder why so many of their teachers quit.

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