Temporary Insanity?

House Bill 1901 sponsored by Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver (and in the Senate by Sen. Joey Hensley) would allow for the granting of temporary teaching licenses to individuals not otherwise trained in order to address the growing teacher shortage in Tennessee.

Rep. John Ray Clemmons raised some serious questions about this idea when the bill came up for discussion in House subcommittee:


Clemmons raised some great points. The idea that TN will solve the teacher shortage by issuing licenses to any breathing adult is ludicrous. It is also in keeping with the current philosophy of those governing the state – setting up public schools for failure to enable a privatization agenda.

Since Gov. Bill Haslam fought to end collective bargaining and then gutted BEP reforms, the majority party in Tennessee has been working diligently toward a singular goal: Give public money to private entities to run schools.

The perpetrators of this fraud have even had some help along the way:

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