COVID Claiming Lives of Tennessee Teachers

A second Rutherford County teacher has died as a result of COVID-19. Siegel High teacher David Pickelsimer recently passed away, as noted by the Rutherford Education Association:

Earlier this year, another Rutherford County teacher, Susan Keener, also died as a result of the COVID-19 virus.

The Murfreesboro Holler is noting that concerned educators are expressing concerns.

With COVID cases across the state escalating at a rapid rate, it’s unclear why more direct action has not been taken on a statewide basis.

Of course, Gov. Bill Lee’s Administration has been running from the issue instead of taking it on directly:

If you know of a teacher who has died as a result of COVID-19, please let me know via email:

I’ll be happy to post a note about this teacher and any words in memory you’d like to post. Please let me know the school system in your email.

It would also be good to get a clear handle on how many teachers and families of teachers have been impacted by COVID. I want to honor these educators who gave their all for their students. Further, there’s a very real risk with this virus, and collecting information and data will help illuminate that risk.

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