Killer Recruiting

RePublic Charter School in Nashville is under fire after reports the school hired a substitute who had shot and killed the brother of two students there.

NewsChannel5’s Ben Hall has more:

But that feeling of safety was shattered Friday when the twins had a substitute teacher in their math class. It was Khadijah Griffis, the same woman who had shot and killed their older brother last month.

“They were put in the room with their brother’s killer and they were tormented by this woman,” Scott said.

Scott said other students at the school actually knew Griffis because she had been a substitute there before. She said some students even asked her how she had gotten away with shooting someone.

How did this happen?

The twins attend RePublic High School which is a Metro charter school that uses two temp agencies to fill substitute teaching positions. Scott cannot believe Griffis was hired despite numerous news articles about what happened.

RePublic says it will suspend using substitute teachers from the company that recommended Griffis until it receives further assurances.

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