Your TVAAS Story

TVAAS is Tennessee’s misguided approach to evaluating teachers.

While some states are moving away from value-added modeling for teacher evaluation, Tennessee remains focused on this flawed method.

I want to tell the story of how TVAAS impacts Tennessee teachers.

Has TVAAS impacted you… Through a merit pay scheme, tenure decision, or transfer? What impact have these scores had on your career?

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One thought on “Your TVAAS Story

  1. I am in my 7th year of teaching. My scores for the first four years were 4s and 5s overall. The 5th year, I was teaching ESL and traveling between two schools. I had 8 students at my homebase school and because the school scored a 1, I lost my chance at tenure. Last year, I switched to ELA and once again, my school got a 1. I feel at this rate, I will never get tenure.

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