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Bluff City Ed does a phenomenal job of covering the Memphis education scene and we’ve published information from a number of their stories on Tennessee’s Achievement School District.

Today, Bluff City Ed has a response from the ASD about some of the criticism the District is receiving.

Here are a couple highlights:

On performance:

If you look at our 2nd year charters, their average composite proficiency growth over two years is 11.2, compared with an average growth of 2.2 over three years in the 10 Priority schools on our matching list.  All three of our 2nd year charters had Level 5 growth last year.  Two are off the Priority list.  I say this not to suggest that every ASD school is where it needs to be—far from it—but that when it comes to ASD charters with at least two years’ experience running schools, these schools are showing real promise.  Where our schools aren’t performing, we’re going to hold ourselves accountable.  It’s just way too early to draw major conclusions about school performance and policy implications.  There may be a time for a mea culpa or a moratorium, but not after two years.

On Contentious Meetings:

We had loud, contentious meetings last year, too.  It’s absolutely right for people to come in skeptical, emotional, and confused by this.  It’s a lot to take in.  For teachers, especially, it’s difficult news.  Understanding this, our goals aren’t to claim we have every answer, but to stand humbly before parents, teachers, and community members; to listen and learn; to make sure we’re sharing every bit of information we have; and to always keep our focus on what’s best for kids.

Elliott Smalle, the ASD’s Chief of Staff, says a lot more about issues like co-location and the future of the ASD. The entire post and response is worth a read.

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2 thoughts on “The ASD Responds

  1. Bottom line. The REAL agenda behind Charters is not to improve education but the privatize education and make Mr. Barbic and Mr. Huffman’s rich friends ever richer. We are turning our American education model into a workforce model and Charters are part of that model. Once we have lost all of our traditional public schools and we no longer have elected school boards (which Mr. Hastings of Rocketship Charter….now in TN…said loud and clear… boards are the reason education is failing in America” No Mr. Hastings is because of people like you and the US Dept. of Education that has caused education to fail in America. Understand one thing. Progressive LIE, LIE Lie with a straight face to get what they want. If they tell you one thing believe the complete opposite. Chris Barbic is her representing the Broad Foundation. Eli Broad is one of the 3 largest investors in Common Core and Charter organizations. Chris Barbic is a 2011 graduate of the Broad Superintendent Academy where they are trained in the privatization of education. Eli Broad believes education should be run like a business. WHAT THE HECK MORE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW. These people including our Governor is NOT on our side and they could care less about the education of our children. They are in it for self promotion.

  2. When we have no elected school boards you will have NO VOICE and NO CHOICE. We are being lied to by these progressives. Use some common sense. Does Kevin Huffman or the state school board listen to the citizens of TN? No they do not and why not? Because they are not elected. So they can ignore us and we cannot do a darn thing about it. Well that is what will happen when they replace our schools with Charters and eliminate elected school boards. They do it gradually so you don’t realize what is happening but one day you will wake up to find parents no longer have ANY voice or choice. By falling for the CHOICE lie you will end up with less choice and NO voice in the future. Like my momma always said….”if it sounds too good to be true it probably is”

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