Momma Bears take on Edu-Profiteers

A group of Tennessee moms is asking tough questions and raising concerns about education profiteering right here in the Volunteer State.

Here’s their Top 10 list of ways to get rich being an education industry profiteer.

The list is followed by lots of handy links to stories you may not hear often or may not remember.

6 thoughts on “Momma Bears take on Edu-Profiteers

    • Well, “starting a charter school” can come with some money. Some charter schools leaders in Nashville are making $120,000+. To some, that’s rich.

      • I can’t figure out what you are for or against Zach.

        I regularly read on this blog that we ought to be paying teachers what they are professionally worth.

        But then you demonize charter leaders for their pay.

        The charter leader you refer to is over multiple schools. That comparable position in the district makes more.

        Many charter leaders over one school – who have more duties than district principals – acting as the CEO & academic principal, they make less than district principals.

        Not to mention charter schools get less revenue than district schools.

        Many of them do in fact pay their teachers more than district schools.

        Can you clarify your position on pay for educators? Does it just apply to district schools and not public charter schools, which are part of the district?

        • I did not demonize, I pointed out a fact. You sought to determine I was demonizing charter leaders. I just pointed out that some, like that blog Andy cited, would see that as making lots of money.

          Who knew you could read so much from two sentences.

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