A Tennessee Student Speaks Out on Common Core, Teacher Evaluation

A Knox County high school student addresses his School Board on Common Core and teacher evaluation. His remarks underscore the reality that education is a people business and thus, not easily quantified.


One thought on “A Tennessee Student Speaks Out on Common Core, Teacher Evaluation

  1. WOW!! I am so thankful for and impressed by this great young man! NEVER stop standing up for what you believe in!! I was beginning to realize this kind of thing in my own school days in the 60’s and my children realized it more so in their school days in the 80’s, which is why they were sometimes home schooled! After homeschooling, whenever they returned to the public school system & were tested, they were invariably placed in Advanced Classes!!! Unfortunately, the “morals” being taught in the public schools were the impetus for their return to private education, albeit private schools rather than homeschooling. I will always remember my oldest child stressing that she was able to continue learning in public schools because she was able to connect with some excellent teachers (but also some very bad tenured teachers), had learned to ” learn on her own” from homeschooling and that in the public schools, she knew it was all about “playing the game” and giving the answers the education establishment wanted/needed to hear, even when she knew those answers were incorrect! My 3 grand/great aunts & 2 aunts who were schoolteachers must be turning in their graves at the state of today’s public education!! My last aunt who died in the 90’s said that in her opinion high school diplomas should no longer be awarded to most students, just pass out some certificates of attendance or something equivalent. I applaud all the excellent teachers out there & also all the students who desire to learn. Also want to give a shout out to the late John Holt & his books regarding education and unschooling. Learn to love learning & learn to question everything & you will be all right, in spite of the roadblocks the education bureaucrats put in the way. The young man speaking in this video is an excellent public speaker and he also shows his appreciation for teachers and for his own education, AND has a sense of humor. His parents should be so very proud. That’s about all I have to say and thank you for the time to hear my humble opinion. Peace.

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