A Tennessee Teacher Speaks Out

A Knox County teacher addresses her School Board and expresses the frustrations of many teachers in Tennessee.


The question: Is anyone listening? And, if so, will anything be done to bring about collaboration with and input from educators?

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7 thoughts on “A Tennessee Teacher Speaks Out

  1. THANK YOU for being brave enough to say what we are all thinking and saying to each other. THANK YOU for not being afraid of retaliation. When are people going to listen to us? We ARE tired. Tired of people making decision for and against us who have NO idea what we do every day. This TEAM rubric is ridiculous. It is also very dishearteningthat we are evaluated based on two 45 minute periods during 180 days of instruction and could possibly be dismissed based on ONE lesson. My colleagues and I are TIRED of teaching to the test and now teaching to the Rubric…
    What happened to teaching the children?!? I applaud this teacher for speaking out and she will surely be receiving some gift
    Cards in the mail from those of us who appreciate her! She was so eloquent and had all of her facts in order. I could NOT have said it better!!!

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  5. Thank you for voicing the frustration of far too many teachers. This madness that is TEAM is causing good teachers to make a mass exodus from the building. I know 4 right now and it’s only November! The people coming into the building to teach are the same age as my children, they don’t stay and I don’t blame them. The job is hard enough on its own, we really don’t need the state to add to it.

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