What About This?

House Education Committee Chair Mark White got some attention yesterday from remarks he made about Hillsdale College’s operation in Tennessee.

In response to a recent controversy over Hillsdale President and Lee education advisor Larry Arnn regarding disparaging comments Arnn made about teachers and colleges of education, White indicated that the incident “shattered” Hillsdale’s hopes of operating in Tennessee.

Except, well, the plans for a UT Institute of American Civics based on Hillsdale’s curriculum appear to be moving right along.

The College Fix notes:

As part of his “America at its Best” agenda, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee allocated $6 million to establish the institute.

Furthermore, Lee said he has formalized a partnership with Hillsdale College to ensure that the Christian school’s philosophies and teaching methods on civics education are brought to the institute.

So, has Mark White talked with Bill Lee and UT President Randy Boyd about shelving plans for the Institute? Has he advised them of a desire to kick Hillsdale out of the plans for it?

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