Governor Bill Lee’s Administration is privatizing his school privatization scheme by hiring a private company to administer funds from the so-called Education Savings Accounts. Chalkbeat has more on the millions being paid to a Florida company to manage money in Tennessee’s voucher plan:

Tennessee has hired a Florida company to oversee online payment and application systems for its new education voucher program for some families in Memphis and Nashville.

ClassWallet started work on Nov. 4 after signing a two-year contract worth $2.53 million with the Department of Education, according to documents obtained by Chalkbeat.

The company becomes the major vendor managing Tennessee’s education savings account program, scheduled to launch for up to 5,000 students next school year under a new state law.

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2 thoughts on “OUTSOURCED

  1. Bill Lee is about as stupid as that guy who is masquerading as a president……..spending more like that is crazy…..lets impeach him!!!!!

  2. Really, there is no surprise here. Lee is a flat out puppet of his privateer Commissioner of Education and DeVos buddy who serves as Lee’s policy director. I tried to warn people about Lee but all I heard was “but he is a Christian” to which I respond “there are a lot of so called Christian spuls burning in hell right now.”

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