Wonder if the State Charter Authorizer Will Approve?

Blake Farmer of WPLN notes that legislation creating a state charter authorizer is just one vote in the Senate away from becoming law.  The legislation would allow charter schools to apply directly to the state, or to apply to the state if denied by a local school board.  Some have speculated that out of state organizations (like Great Hearts) will simply go straight to the state authorizer rather than dealing with the sometimes contentious local boards.

Cari Gervin points out that Governor Bill Haslam is on the board (albeit in honorary fashion) of this organization which is seeking to open a charter school in Knoxville.

If, despite all the Knoxville luminaries on the board, the group gets turned down at the local level, one wonders how receptive a state charter authorizer with members appointed by honorary board member Bill Haslam would be?

2 thoughts on “Wonder if the State Charter Authorizer Will Approve?

  1. I am against Charter Schools…There is no proof children will be better educated, in Charter Schools. People best wake up. The charter Schools will drain money from our School Systems. Parents are buying a pig in a poke sending their Children to Charter Schools…..The people who own these schools are in it to make money that is their ultimate goal.

    • Yes, we don’t need “for profit” charters coming into our state and draining money away from public schools. They don’t have better results that public schools. Open up school choice within a district. The state let prisons be managed by “for profit” corporations who only care about making a profit. They will do the same with public education if parents don’t wake up.

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