Huffman on the Hot Seat?

Is Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman finally feeling the heat?

A group of 60 Directors of Schools from around the state signed a letter calling for a halt to the fast pace of education reform — reform that some critics suggest has little to do with helping students.

Some recent proposals for changing public education have included changes to teacher licensure (that could result in more testing of students) and an unproven teacher merit pay plan that could place an unfunded mandate on local governments.

In addition to the concerns of the Directors, at least one state legislator is complaining about the most recent proposal.

Having a letter signed by 60 Directors suggesting that the pace of reform slow and that the actual reforms be re-evaluated seems unprecedented in the state.

Now, the question is: How will Governor Haslam and the Commissioner respond?




9 thoughts on “Huffman on the Hot Seat?

    • Michael, please be specific. What would you suggest — yes, this news broke yesterday RE: the letter from Directors. The letter is being circulated and is gaining supporters. But, of course, if you have specific items you believe warrant further attention, please let me know.

  1. Teacher morale is as low as I can ever remember in almost 20 years as an educator. I heard an administrator say that it was like a “dark cloud” was hovering over education. Every time I hear or read of another “reform” I feel as if I have been slapped in the face. It seems Kevin Huffman has no respect for teachers or students. It is all a power play and a stepping stone to bigger and better things for his career. He has surrounded himself with young staff members who should still be in the classroom honing their craft, not running the TDOE. One needs only to look at North Carolina to see where Tennessee education is headed.

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  3. How much value has Huffman brought to TN public schools? What’s good for the goose. etc.

    Research based initiatives-F
    Professional Experience-F
    Authentic Education Improvements-F

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